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1. (a.) Not compatible; incapable of associating or mixing; as, incompatible colors, desires, ambitions\.

2. (a.) Incapable of being together without mutual reaction or decomposition, as certain medicines.

3. (n.) An incompatible substance; esp., in pl., things which can not be placed or used together because of a change of chemical composition or of opposing medicinal qualities; as, the incompatibles of iron.

abnormal absurd anomalous antagonistic antipathetic antithetic assorted at cross-purposes at loggerheads at odds at variance at war autistic bashful chill chilly clashing close cold conflicting contradictory contrary contrasted contrasting cool cranky cross departing deviating deviative different differentiated differing disaccordant disagreeable disagreeing disconsonant discordant discrepant discrete discriminated disharmonious disjoined disparate disproportionate dissident dissimilar dissociable dissonant distinct distinguished divergent diverging divers diverse diversified frosty grating heterogeneous hostile icy immiscible in disagreement inaccordant incoherent incommensurable incommensurate incongruous inconsequent inconsistent inconsonant inharmonious inhospitable inimical insociable irreconcilable jangling jarring many mismatched mopey mopish morose motley multifarious negative nongregarious opposed opposite out of accord out of proportion out of whack oxymoronic paradoxical poles apart poles asunder repugnant self-contained self-contradictory self-sufficient separate separated several snug socially incompatible strained sullen tense unamiable unamicable unclubbable uncommunicative uncompanionable unconformable uncongenial uncordial unequal unfriendly ungenial unharmonious unlike unsociable unsocial unsuited variant varied variegated various varying widely apart worlds apart


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