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1. (a.) Separate; distinct; particular; single.

2. (a.) Diverse; different; various.

3. (a.) Consisting of a number more than two, but not very many; divers; sundry; as, several persons were present when the event took place.

4. (adv.) By itself; severally.

5. (n.) Each particular taken singly; an item; a detail; an individual.

6. (n.) Persons or objects, more than two, but not very many.

7. (n.) An enclosed or separate place; enclosure.

a certain number a few a number absolute assorted at odds at variance certain concrete considerable contrary contrasted contrasting defined definite departing detailed determinate deviating deviative different differentiated differing disaccordant disagreeing discordant discrepant discrete discriminated disjoined disparate dissimilar dissonant distinct distinguished distributional distributive divergent diverging divers diverse diversified equal esoteric especial even stephen exceptional express extraordinary few fifty-fifty fixed half half-and-half halvers heterogeneous in disagreement inaccordant incompatible incongruous inconsistent inconsonant independent individual inharmonious inner intimate irreconcilable legion many many and various minute more motley multifarious multitudinal multitudinous nonuniqueness not a few noteworthy numerous numerousness of all sorts one or two parcel particular passel per capita per head personal pluralism plurality pluralness poles apart poles asunder populous precise private pro rata proportional proportionate prorated respective separate separated single singular solipsistic some special specific sundry two or three umpteen unconformable unequal unlike upwards of variant varied variegated variety various varying voluminous widely apart worlds apart


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