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(a.) Inappropriate; unsuitable; not fitting a time or place; improper; as, an incongruous remark; incongruous behavior, action, dress\, etc.

abnormal absonant absurd amusing anomalous assorted at odds at variance bad bizarre clashing colliding conflicting contradictory contrary contrary to reason contrasted contrasting departing deviating deviative different differentiated differing disaccordant disagreeing disconsonant discordant discrepant discrete discriminated disharmonious disjoined disparate disproportionate dissimilar dissonant distinct distinguished divergent diverging divers diverse diversified droll eccentric fallacious faulty flawed funny futile harsh heterogeneous hilarious humorous ill-advised ill-considered ill-suited ill-timed illogical impolitic improper in disagreement inaccordant inadvisable inappropriate inapt inauthentic incoherent incommensurable incommensurate incompatible inconclusive incongruent inconsequent inconsequential inconsistent inconsonant inept inexpedient infelicitous inharmonious inopportune invalid irrational irreconcilable laughable loose ludicrous mal a propos malapropos many motley multifarious nonscientific not following off-color off-tone out of keeping out of line out of place out of proportion out of step oxymoronic paradoxical paralogical poles apart poles asunder priceless quaint quizzical reasonless rich ridiculous risible screaming self-annulling self-contradictory self-refuting senseless separate separated several unapt unauthentic unbecoming unbefitting unconformable unconnected undesirable unequal unfit unfitting unfortunate unhappy unlike unmeet unphilosophical unprofitable unreasonable unscientific unseasonable unseemly unsuitable unsuited untimely unwise variant varied variegated various varying whimsical widely apart without reason witty worlds apart wrong


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