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1. (a.) Incapable of being associated, joined, or connected.

2. (a.) Not sociable or companionable; disinclined to social intercourse or conversation; unsociable; taciturn.

Barmecidal Barmecide acquisitive affectless airy ambitious for self anesthetized apparent apparitional arctic bashful blunt careerist catatonic chill chilly chimeric close cold cold as charity cold-blooded coldhearted cool deceptive delusional delusionary delusive delusory dereistic dispassionate dissociable dreamlike dreamy drugged dull egotistical emotionally dead emotionless erroneous fallacious FALSE fantastic frigid frosted frosty frozen grasping greedy heartless icy idealistic illusional illusionary illusive illusory imaginary immovable impassible impassive impractical in the clouds incompatible individualistic inexcitable insociable insusceptible misleading mopey mopish morose narcissistic nonemotional nongregarious objective obtuse ostensible otherworldly out of touch passionless personalistic phantasmagoric phantasmal phantom poetic possessive privatistic quixotic remote romancing romantic romanticized seeming self-absorbed self-admiring self-advancing self-besot self-centered self-considerative self-contained self-deceptive self-deluding self-devoted self-esteeming self-indulgent self-interested self-jealous self-occupied self-pleasing self-seeking self-serving self-sufficient selfish snug socially incompatible soulless specious spectral spiritless starry-eyed storybook sullen supposititious transcendental transmundane unactual unaffectionate unclubbable uncommunicative uncompanionable uncongenial unemotional unfeeling unfounded unfriendly ungenial unimpassioned unimpressionable unloving unpassionate unpractical unreal unrealistic unresponding unresponsive unsociable unsocial unsubstantial unsusceptible unsympathetic untouchable visionary wish-fulfilling


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