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1. (a.) Distinct; separate; not the same; other.

2. (a.) of various or contrary nature, form, or quality; partially or totally unlike; dissimilar; as, different kinds of food or drink; different states of health; different shapes; different degrees of excellence.

aberrant abnormal absolute abundant amorphous anomalistic anomalous another assorted at odds at variance bizarre capricious certain changeable changing choppy concrete conflicting contrary contrasted contrasting contrastive counter crank crankish cranky crotchety defined definite departing detailed determinate deviant deviating deviative deviatory differentiated differing disaccordant disagreeing discordant discrepant discrete discriminated disjoined disorderly disparate dissimilar dissonant distant distinct distinctive distinguishable distinguished divaricate divergent diverging divers diverse diversified diversiform dotty eccentric erose erratic esoteric especial exceptional express extraordinary fey fixed flaky formless freakish funny hardly like heteroclite heterogeneous heteromorphic idiocratic idiosyncratic impulsive in disagreement inaccordant incompatible incongruous inconsistent inconsonant inconstant individual inharmonious inner intimate irreconcilable irregular jagged jerky kinky kooky maggoty manifold many mercurial minute motley multifarious mutable new nonconformist nonstandard nonuniform noteworthy novel numerous nutty odd oddball off offbeat opposite original other otherwise out particular peculiar personal pluralistic poles apart poles asunder precise private queer quirky ragged rare remarkable respective rough scarcely like screwball screwy separate separated several shapeless single singular solipsistic spasmodic special specific sporadic strange stray straying subnormal sundry twisted unalike uncommon unconformable unconventional unequable unequal uneven unfamiliar unheard-of unidentical unique unlike unmatched unnatural unorthodox unresembling unsame unsimilar unstable unsteady unsystematic ununiform unusual variable variant varied variegated variform various varying wacky wandering wavering weird whimsical widely apart worlds apart


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