1. (n.) A retinue of servants; a household.

2. (a. / pron.) Consisting of a great number; numerous; not few.

3. (n.) The populace; the common people; the majority of people, or of a community.

4. (n.) A large or considerable number.

a mass of a world of abounding abundance abundant affluent all-sufficing ample aplenty army assorted at odds at variance bevy billion bottomless bounteous bountiful bunch cloud clutter common considerable contrary contrasted contrasting copious countless covey departing deviating deviative different differentiated differing diffuse disaccordant disagreeing discordant discrepant discrete discriminated disjoined disparate dissimilar dissonant distinct distinguished divergent diverging divers diverse diversified effuse epidemic ever so many everyday exhaustless extravagant exuberant fat fertile flight flock flocks flush frequent frequentative full full many galore generous habitual hail heaped-up heterogeneous hive hordes host in disagreement in plenty in quantity inaccordant incompatible incongruous inconsistent inconsonant inexhaustible inharmonious innumerable irreconcilable jam jillion large amount lavish legion liberal lots luxuriant manifold many and various many times masses masses of maximal million mob motley much muchness multifarious multifold multiple multiplied multitude multitudes multitudinal multitudinous myriad nest no few not a few not rare numberless numbers numerous of all sorts of common occurrence oft-repeated oftentime opulent ordinary overflowing pack plenitudinous plenteous plentiful plenty plurality poles apart poles asunder populous prevailing prevalent prodigal productive profuse profusion profusive quantities quite a few quite some rampant recurrent replete rich rife riotous rout routine ruck running over scads scores separate separated several shoal shoals sundry superabundant swarm swarms teeming thick-coming thousand thousands throng tidy sum tons unconformable uncountable unequal unlike usual variant varied variegated various varying very many voluminous wealthy well-found well-furnished well-provided well-stocked wholesale widely apart worlds apart worlds of zillion


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