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1. (a.) Tending in different directions; receding farther and farther from each other -- opposed to convergent\.

2. (a.) Causing divergence of rays; as, a divergent lens.

3. (a.) Fig.: Disagreeing from something given; differing; as, a divergent statement.

aberrant abnormal altered amorphous anomalistic anomalous antagonistic antipathetic antithetical apart assorted asunder at cross-purposes at loggerheads at odds at variance at war atypical backhand backhanded better bipartite capricious centrifugal changeable changed changing choppy circuitous clashing conflicting contradictory contrary contrasted contrasting converted counter crank crankish cranky cross crotchety deflectional degenerate delta-shaped deltalike deltoid departing deviant deviating deviative deviatory devious dichotomous different differentiated differing digressive disaccordant disagreeable disagreeing discontinuous discordant discrepant discrete discriminated disharmonious disjoined disorderly disparate disproportionate dissident dissimilar dissonant distant distinct distinguished divagational divaricate divaricating diverging divers diverse diversified diversiform dotty eccentric erose erratic exceptional excursive fan-shaped fanlike fey flaky formless freakish funny grating hardly like heteroclite heterogeneous heteromorphic hostile idiocratic idiosyncratic immiscible improved impulsive in disagreement in two inaccordant incoherent incompatible incongruous inconsistent inconsonant inconstant indirect inharmonious insular irreconcilable irregular jagged jangling jarring jerky kinky kooky left-handed maggoty many mercurial metamorphosed metastasized modified motley multifarious mutable mutant negative noncohesive nonconformist nonstandard nonuniform nutty oblique odd oddball off off-key offbeat opposite out out of accord out of whack palmate palmated partitioned peculiar pluralistic poles apart poles asunder qualified queer quirky ragged rebuilt reformed renewed repugnant revived revolutionary rough scarcely like screwball screwy separate separated several shapeless side sidelong singular sinister sinistral spasmodic splayed sporadic strange stray straying subnormal subversive transformed translated transmuted twisted unalike unassociated unattached unattended unconformable uncongenial unconnected unconventional unequable unequal uneven unharmonious unidentical unjoined unlike unmatched unmitigated unnatural unorthodox unregular unresembling unsame unsimilar unstable unsteady unsystematic ununiform variable variant varied variegated variform various varying wacky wandering wavering whimsical widely apart worlds apart worse


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