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1. (a.) Harmful; adverse; unfriendly; unfavorable; -- chiefly applied to private as hostile is to public\, enmity.

2. (a.) Opposed in tendency, influence, or effects; antagonistic; inconsistent; incompatible; adverse; repugnant.

adversary adversative adverse adversive aggressive alien antagonistic anti antipathetic antithetic antonymous at cross-purposes balancing battling bellicose belligerent bloodthirsty bloody bloody-minded breakaway chauvinist chauvinistic chill chilly clashing cold combative compensating competitive con conflicting confronting contentious contradicting contradictory contradistinct contrapositive contrarious contrary contrasted converse cool counter counteractant counteracting counteractive counterbalancing counterpoised countervailing counterworking cranky cross crotchety dead against detrimental difficult disaccordant discordant discrepant dissentient dissident enemy eyeball to eyeball ferocious fierce fighting fractious frosty full of fight hard harmful hawkish hostile icy ill in opposition incompatible inconsistent inhospitable inverse jingo jingoish jingoist jingoistic martial militant militaristic military miserable negative nonconformist noncooperative not easy obstinate obverse offensive opponent opposed opposing opposite oppositional oppositive oppugnant overthwart perverse pugnacious quarrelsome reactionary recalcitrant refractory renitent repugnant resistant reverse revolutionary rigorous rival saber-rattling sanguinary sanguineous savage scrappy sinister soldierlike soldierly squared off strained stressful tense trigger-happy troublesome troublous truculent trying unamiable unamicable uncooperative uncordial unfavorable unfriendly ungenial unharmonious unpacific unpeaceable unpeaceful unpropitious unsociable untoward warlike warmongering warring wretched


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