1. (n.) Passionate ardor in the pursuit of anything; eagerness in favor of a person or cause; ardent and active interest; engagedness; enthusiasm; fervor.

2. (n.) A zealot.

3. (v. i.) To be zealous.

abandon acquiescence agitation agreeability agreeableness alacrity all-overs amenability angst anxiety anxiety hysteria anxiety neurosis anxious bench anxious concern anxious seat anxiousness apprehension apprehensiveness ardency ardor avidity bibliolatry bluster brawl broil brouhaha cacophony calenture cankerworm of care care chaos charismatic gift charismatic movement charismatic renewal cheerful consent commitment committedness commotion compliance concern concernment consent cooperativeness dedication devotedness devotion devoutness disquiet disquietude distress disturbance docility dread eagerness earnestness ebullition ecstasy embroilment energy enthusiasm excitement faith faithfulness fanaticism favorable disposition favorableness fear ferment fervency fervidness fervor fidelity fierceness fire flap fomentation foofaraw foreboding forebodingness forwardness frenzy fume furor furore fury fuss gameness gift of tongues glossolalia goodwill gusto heart heartiness heat heatedness hubbub hurrah impassionedness inquietude intensity intentness keenness liveliness loyalty malaise misgiving nervous strain nervous tension nervousness overanxiety overdevoutness overpiousness overreligiousness overrighteousness overzealousness pandemonium passion passionateness pentecostalism perturbation pins and needles pliability pliancy promptness pucker racket rage readiness receptive mood receptiveness receptivity relish resolution responsiveness revival revivalism right mood row ruckus rumpus sanctimony savor seriousness sincerity solicitude soul spirit stew storminess strain suspense tempestuousness tension tractability trouble tumult tumultuousness turbulence turmoil uneasiness ungrudgingness unloathness unquietness unreluctance uproar upset urgency vehemence verve vexation warmth warmth of feeling wildness willing ear willing heart willingness zealotism zealotry zealousness zest


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