1. (n.) A bar or frame of wood by which two oxen are joined at the heads or necks for working together.

2. (n.) A frame or piece resembling a yoke, as in use or shape.

3. (n.) A frame of wood fitted to a person's shoulders for carrying pails, etc., suspended on each side; as, a milkmaid's yoke.

4. (n.) A frame worn on the neck of an animal, as a cow, a pig, a goose, to prevent passage through a fence.

5. (n.) A frame or convex piece by which a bell is hung for ringing it. See Illust. of Bell.

6. (n.) A crosspiece upon the head of a boat's rudder. To its ends lines are attached which lead forward so that the boat can be steered from amidships.

7. (n.) A bent crosspiece connecting two other parts.

8. (n.) A tie securing two timbers together, not used for part of a regular truss, but serving a temporary purpose, as to provide against unusual strain.

9. (n.) A band shaped to fit the shoulders or the hips, and joined to the upper full edge of the waist or the skirt.

10. (n.) Fig.: That which connects or binds; a chain; a link; a bond connection.

11. (n.) A mark of servitude; hence, servitude; slavery; bondage; service.

12. (n.) Two animals yoked together; a couple; a pair that work together.

13. (n.) The quantity of land plowed in a day by a yoke of oxen.

14. (n.) A portion of the working day; as, to work two yokes, that is, to work both portions of the day, or morning and afternoon.

15. (v. t.) To put a yoke on; to join in or with a yoke; as, to yoke oxen, or pair of oxen.

16. (v. t.) To couple; to join with another.

17. (v. t.) To enslave; to bring into bondage; to restrain; to confine.

18. (v. i.) To be joined or associated; to be intimately connected; to consort closely; to mate.

Oregon boat accouple accumulate agglutinate amass articulate assemble associate back band backstrap band bearing rein bed bed down bellyband bilbo bit blinders blinds bond bonds both brace bracket break breeching bridge bridge over bridle brush camisole caparison cavesson cement chain chains checkrein cheekpiece chinband cinch clap together collar collect combine comprise concatenate conglobulate conjoin conjugate connect copulate couple couple up couplet cover crownband crupper cuffs curb curry currycomb distich double harness double-harness double-team doublet drench duad duet duo dyad embrace encompass enslavement feed fetter fodder gag gag swivel gather gentle girth glue groom gyves hackamore halter hames hametugs hamper handcuffs handle harness headgear headstall helotry hip straps hitch hitch up hobbles hook up hopples include irons jaquima jerk line join knot lay together leading strings league leash ligament ligature lines link litter lump together manacle manage marry marshal martingale mass match mate mates merge milk mobilize muzzle nexus noseband pair pair off peonage piece together pillory pole strap put together reins restraint restraints ribbons roll into one rub down saddle serfdom servility servitude set of two shackle shaft tug side check slavery snaffle solder span splice stick together stocks straightjacket strait-waistcoat straitjacket stranglehold surcingle tack tackle take in tame tape team team up tend tether the two thralldom tie train trammel trammels trappings tug twain two twosome unify unite vinculum water wed weld winker braces


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