(adv.) Ay; yea; -- a word which expresses affirmation or consent; -- opposed to no.

Australian ballot Hare system OK Roger abide by absolutely accede accept acclaim accordantly acquiesce acquiesce in acquiescently affirmative affirmative attitude affirmatively affirmativeness agree agree to agree with agreeably agreed all right alright alrighty amen applaud approvingly as you say assent assentingly assuredly aye ballot beyond a doubt buy by all means canvass canvassing casting vote certainly cheer compliantly comply consent consentingly counting heads cumulative voting da deciding vote division enfranchisement exactly fagot vote favorably fine franchise give the nod gladly good good enough graveyard vote hail hand vote hear hold with in toto indeed indeedy ja just so list system mais oui most assuredly naturally naturellement nay no nod nod assent nod of assent nontransferable vote of course okay oui plebiscite plebiscitum plumper plural vote poll polling positively precisely preferential voting proportional representation proxy quite rather really receive record vote referendum representation right right to vote righto rising vote say secret ballot show of hands single vote snap vote straw vote subscribe subscribe to suffrage sure sure thing surely take kindly to thumbs-up to be sure transferable vote truly undoubtedly unquestionably very well viva voce voice voice vote vote vote for voting voting right welcome well and good why yes willingly write-in write-in vote yea yea-saying yeah yeas and nays yep yes indeed yes indeedy yes sir yes sirree yield assent


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