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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Work.

2. (n.) A & n. from Work.

accomplishment acetification acidification acidulation act acting action active activism activity agency alive alkalization answer ascertainment at it at work banausic barmy behavior behavioral breadwinning businesslike busy carbonation catalysis chemicalization clearing up commercial conduct contour plowing cracking cultivating cultivation culture decipherment decoding denouement determination diastatic direction disentanglement doing dressing driving drudging dynamic electrolysis employed employment end end result engaged enzymic execution exercise explanation exploitation fallowing ferment fermentation fermenting finding finding-out full of business function functional functioning furrowing going going on grinding grubbing handling hard at it hard at work hardworking harrowing hoeing hydrogenation in exercise in force in hand in harness in operation in play in practice in process in the works inaction interpretation isomerism issue laboring leavening listing live management manipulation materialistic metamerism metamerization moneymaking movements nitration occupation occupied on duty on foot on the fire on the go on the hop on the job on the jump on the move on the run ongoing operancy operating operation operational operations operative outcome oxidation oxidization pegging performance performing phosphatization play plodding plowing plugging polymerism polymerization position isomerism practical practice practicing praxis prosaic pruning raising realistic reason reduction resolution resolving responsibility result riddling running saturization serving slaving slogging solution solving sorting out steering straining striving struggling sweating swing thinning tied up tilling toiling unraveling unriddling unscrambling unspinning untangling untwisting unweaving upshot using utilitarian utilization weeding work workaday workday working-out workings yeasty


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