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1. (n.) Land covered with wood or trees; forest; land on which trees are suffered to grow, either for fuel or timber.

2. (a.) of or pertaining to woods or woodland; living in the forest; sylvan.

acres afforestation afforestational agricultural region alluvion alluvium arable land arboreous arboretum back back of beyond back-country backwood backwoods backwoodsy black belt boondocks bosky braky bush bushveld bushy chase citrus belt clay climax forest clod cloud forest copsy corn belt cotton belt countryside crust dendrologic dendrology dirt dry land dust dust bowl earth farm belt farm country farmland forest forest land forest preserve forestal forested forestry freehold fringing forest fruit belt gallery forest glebe grass roots grassland grazing region greenwood ground hanger highlands hinterland index forest jungle jungles land landholdings lithosphere lowlands marginal land marl meadows and pastures mold moors national forest outback palmetto barrens park park forest pine barrens plains prairies primeval forest protection forest province provinces rain forest real estate real property reforestation reforestational region regolith rural district rustic region scrub scrubby scrubland selection forest shrubby shrubland silvicultural silviculture sod soil sprout forest stand of timber state forest steppes subaerial deposit subsoil sylvan terra terra firma terrain territory the country the soil the sticks timber timbered timberland tobacco belt topsoil tree veld up-country uplands veld virgin virgin forest waste weald wheat belt wide-open spaces wild wilderness wildwood wood wooded woods woods and fields woodsy woody yokeldom


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