1. (a.) Any one of several species of wild and savage carnivores belonging to the genus Canis and closely allied to the common dog. The best-known and most destructive species are the European wolf (Canis lupus), the American gray, or timber, wolf (C. occidentalis), and the prairie wolf, or coyote. Wolves often hunt in packs, and may thus attack large animals and even man.

2. (a.) One of the destructive, and usually hairy, larvae of several species of beetles and grain moths; as, the bee wolf.

3. (a.) Fig.: Any very ravenous, rapacious, or destructive person or thing; especially, want; starvation; as, they toiled hard to keep the wolf from the door.

4. (n.) A white worm, or maggot, which infests granaries.

5. (n.) An eating ulcer or sore. Cf. Lupus.

6. (n.) The harsh, howling sound of some of the chords on an organ or piano tuned by unequal temperament.

7. (a.) In bowed instruments, a harshness due to defective vibration in certain notes of the scale.

8. (n.) A willying machine.

African hunting dog Cape hunting dog Casanova Don Juan Lothario Mafioso Young Turk amorist atonalism atonality batten beast beldam bolt bolt down bomber brush wolf brute cacophony chaser clinker coyote cram debauchee demon devil devour dingo discord discordance discordancy disharmony dissonance dissonancy dissonant chord dragon engorge fiend fire-eater firebrand flatness fool around fox fury gallant gay deceiver gay dog glut gluttonize gobble goon gorge gorilla gormandize gulp gulp down gunsel guttle guzzle hardnose heartbreaker hell-raiser hellcat hellhound hellion holy terror hood hoodlum hothead hotspur hyena incendiary ingurgitate inharmoniousness inharmony jackal killer lady-killer lecher libertine live to eat lobo lover-boy mad dog madcap masher medicine wolf mess around monster mugger off note philander philanderer play around prairie wolf profligate rake rakehell rapist raven revolutionary reynard rip roue rounder savage seducer sharpness she-wolf skirt chaser slop slosh sour note sourness spitfire stridor stuff swinger termagant terror terrorist tiger tigress timber wolf tough tough guy tunelessness ugly customer unharmoniousness unmusicality untunefulness violent virago vixen walking phallus wanton wild beast witch wolf down woman chaser womanize womanizer


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