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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Wither.

2. (a.) Tending to wither; causing to shrink or fade.

Sanforizing acerb acerbate acerbic acid acidic acidulent acidulous acrid acrimonious air-drying anhydration arrogant atrophy attenuation baneful biting bitter calamitous cataclysmal cataclysmic catastrophic caustic clannish cliquish coming apart consuming consumption consumptive contemptuous contumelious corroding corrosive cracking crumbling cutting deadly decadent declining degenerate dehumidification dehydration demolishing demolitionary depredatory desiccation desolating destroying destructive deteriorating devastating disastrous disdainful disintegrating doomful drainage draining drooping drying drying up dwindling ebbing effete emaceration emaciation evaporation exclusive fading failing falling fatal fateful flagging fragmenting fratricidal going to pieces haughty incisive insolation internecine keen languishing marcescence marcescent mordacious mordant mummification nihilist nihilistic parching penetrating piercing pining preshrinkage ravaging regressive retrograde retrogressive ruining ruinous scathing scorching scornful searing self-destructive sharp shrinkage shrinking shriveling sinking sliding slipping slumping sneering sniffy snobbish snobby snooty snotty stabbing stinging subsiding subversionary subversive suicidal supercilious tabetic tart thinning toploftical toplofty trenchant vandalic vandalish vandalistic waning wastage waste wasteful wasting wilting worsening


Withered Loins
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