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1. (v. t.) To take back or away, as what has been bestowed or enjoyed; to draw back; to cause to move away or retire; as, to withdraw aid, favor, capital, or the like.

2. (v. t.) To take back; to recall or retract; as, to withdraw false charges.

3. (v. i.) To retire; to retreat; to quit a company or place; to go away; as, he withdrew from the company.

abandon abate abdicate abjure abolish abrade abrogate abrupt abscond abstract agree to differ agree to disagree alienate annul avulse back down back out backwater bate be at variance be in dissent be pensioned be superannuated beat a retreat become an individual beg off beg to differ blow bow out cancel cast off cast out climb down countermand counterorder crawfish out cringe cry off curtail cut adrift cut off cut out decline decrease deduct delete demit deny depart depart from depreciate deracinate derogate detract die away differ dig out dig up diminish disagree disagree with disannul disappear disarticulate disavow discard disclaim disconnect discord with disengage disentangle disjoin disjoint disown disparage dissent dissent from dissociate disunite divide divide on divorce do away with drain draw draw back draw in draw off draw out dredge dredge up drift away drop out duck dwindle eat away eat crow eat humble pie ebb eject eradicate erode estrange evacuate evolve evulse excavate excise exit expel exsect extract extricate fade fade away fall back file away flinch forsake forswear get away get off get out give back give ground give place give up give way go go away go back go back on gouge out grub up impair invalidate isolate jettison jilt keep apart leach leave leave behind leave flat lessen make void maroon mine move away move back move off not agree nullify oppose override overrule palinode part pension off pick out pluck out pluck up pull pull away pull back pull in pull out pull up purify quail quarry quit quit cold rake out recall recant recede recoil reduce refine relinquish remove renege renounce renounce the throne repeal repudiate rescind resign retire retire from office retract retreat retrench retrocede reverse revoke rip out root out root up rub away run along run back say goodbye to secede segregate separate sequester set apart set aside shorten shrink shut off shy sink split stand alone stand aloof stand apart stand aside stand back stand down stand off step aside subduct subtract superannuate suspend swallow take away take back take exception take from take issue take leave of take off take out tear out thin thin out throw off throw out throw over uncouple unearth unravel unsay unyoke uproot vacate vanish void waive wane


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