1. (n.) The expressed juice of grapes, esp. when fermented; a beverage or liquor prepared from grapes by squeezing out their juice, and (usually) allowing it to ferment.

2. (n.) A liquor or beverage prepared from the juice of any fruit or plant by a process similar to that for grape wine; as, currant wine; gooseberry wine; palm wine.

3. (n.) The effect of drinking wine in excess; intoxication.

Alba Flora Algarve Alsace Anjou Assmannshausen Bad Kreuznach Barbera Bardolino Barsac Beaujolais Beaune Bordeaux Bucelas Burgundy Cahors Canary Castelli Romani Catawba Chalonnais Chambertin Champagne Chian Chianti Chiaretto Chilean wine Clairette de Die Concord wine Constantia Cortese Corton Corvo Deidesheimer Delaware Egri Bikaver Eszencia Etna Fendant de Sion Fixin Frascati Gamay Geisenheimer Gragano Graves Grenache Grignolino Grinzig Grumello Hattenheimer Hermitage Inferno Lambrusco Liebfraumilch Lugana Madeira Malvasia Mamertino Manzanilla Medoc Meursault Montrachet Moroccan wine Moselle Muscadet Muscat Nackenheimer Napa Valley Oeil de Perdrix Pallini Palomino Peruvian wine Pinot Chardonnay Pinot blanc Pinot noir Pomerol Pommard Pouilly-Fuisse Pouilly-Fume Reuilly Rhine Ribero Riquewihr Romanee Conti Sancerre Santa Clara Valley Sassella Saumur Sekt Semillon Steinwein Sylvaner Tarragona Tavel Titian Titian-red Touraine Traminer Verdicchio Vougeot abboccato altar wine amoroso blanc de noirs bricky bual cardinal carmine carnation carnelian cerise cherry cherry-colored cherry-red claret consumo cowslip wine cream sherry crimson currant wine damask damson wine demi-sec dessert wine domestic wine extra sec ferruginous fiery fire-red flame-colored flame-red flaming glowing gooseberry wine gules hock hot imported wine incarmined inflamed infrared iron-red kosher wine lake-colored laky lateritious light wine lobster-red lurid maroon muscatel must new wine nonvintage wine parsnip wine peach wine pink wine port port-wine puce quince wine raisin wine red red wine red-dyed red-looking reddened reddish reddish-amber reddish-brown retsina rhubarb wine riserva rose rose wine rubicund rubiginous rubric rubricose ruby ruby port ruby-colored ruby-red ruddied ruddy rufescent rufous rust rust-red rusty sack sage wine sauterne scarlet sec sercial sherry smooth wine soave solera sherry sparkling Burgundy sparkling wine stammel still wine stone wine sweet wine table wine thin wine tile-red vermilion vermouth vin vin mousseux vin ordinaire vinaceous vino vintage wine warm white wine wine-colored wine-red


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