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1. (a.) Capricious; having peculiar notions; strange\; freakish.

2. (a.) Odd or fantastic in appearance; quaintly devised; fantastic.

Attic Gothic abnormal absurd adrift afloat agnostic alternating ambiguous amorphous amusing anomalous arbitrary baroque biting bizarre brain-born brilliant capricious chancy changeable changeful clever crank crankish cranky crotchety desultory deviable deviant deviative dicey different divergent dizzy dotty doubting dream-built droll eccentric equivocal erratic exceptional extravagant facetious fanciful fancy-born fancy-built fancy-woven fantasied fantasque fantastic fast and loose fey fickle fitful flaky flickering flighty flitting florid fluctuant fluctuating freakish funny giddy grotesque harebrained hesitant hesitating hilarious humorous humorsome idiocratic idiosyncratic iffy impetuous impulsive incalculable incongruous inconsistent inconstant indecisive indemonstrable infirm irregular irresolute irresponsible jesting jocose jocular joking joky joshing keen keen-witted kinky kooky laughable ludicrous maggoty mazy mercurial moody mordant motiveless nimble-witted notional nutty odd oddball outlandish peculiar petulant pointed polysemous preposterous priceless pungent quaint queer quick-witted quirky quizzical rambling rapier-like restless rich ridiculous risible rococo roving salt salty scatterbrained scintillating screaming screwball screwy shapeless sharp shifting shifty shuffling singular skeptical smart sparkling spasmodic spineless sprightly strange temperamental touch-and-go twisted unaccountable uncertain unconfirmable uncontrolled unconventional unconvinced undependable undisciplined undivinable unfixed unforeseeable unnatural unpersuaded unpredictable unprovable unreasonable unreliable unrestrained unsettled unstable unstable as water unstaid unsteadfast unsteady unsure unverifiable vacillating vagarious vagrant variable vicissitudinary vicissitudinous volatile wacky wandering wanton wavering wavery wavy wayward wild wishy-washy witty


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