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1. (adv.) At which place; where.

2. (conj.) Considering that; it being the case that; since; -- used to introduce a preamble which is the basis of declarations, affirmations, commands, requests, or like, that follow.

3. (conj.) When in fact; while on the contrary; the case being in truth that; although; -- implying opposition to something that precedes; or implying recognition of facts, sometimes followed by a different statement, and sometimes by inferences or something consequent.

albeit although as as far as as long as as things go at which time because being as how boundary condition catch cause clause condition considering donnee during which time escalator clause escape clause escape hatch fine print for forasmuch as given grounds howbeit in that inasmuch as insofar as insomuch as joker kicker limiting condition now obligation parameter parce que prerequisite provision provisions proviso requisite saving clause seeing seeing as how seeing that since sine qua non small print specification stipulation string terms the while ultimatum when while whilst


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