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Attic Daedalian Machiavellian Machiavellic able acute adept adroit agile alert all-around amusing apt arch artful artistic astute authoritative biting brainy bravura bright brilliant cagey canny capable clean competent coordinated coruscating crack crackerjack crafty creative cunning cute daedal dazzling deceitful deep deep-laid deft designing dexterous dextrous diplomatic discerning docile droll educable entertaining excellent expert facetious facile fanciful fancy feline formable foxy funny gifted good goodish graceful guileful handy humorous humorsome imaginative impressionable ingenious insidious instructable intelligent inventive jesting jocose jocular joking joky joshing keen keen-witted knowing laughable magisterial malleable many-sided masterful masterly moldable mordant motivated neat neat-handed nimble nimble-witted no dumbbell no mean not born yesterday original pawky perceptive piquant plastic pleasing pliable pointed politic pretty professional proficient prompt pungent qualified quick quick-thinking quick-witted quite some racy rapier-like ready receptive resourceful ripe for instruction risible sagacious sage salt salty scheming schoolable scintillating serpentine sharp sharp-witted shifty shrewd skilled skillful slick slim slippery sly smart smooth snaky sneaky some sophistical sparkling sprightly statesmanlike stealthy steel-trap strategic stylish subtile subtle supple susceptible tactful tactical talented teachable the compleat the complete thirsty for knowledge trainable trickish tricksy tricky versatile virtuoso vulpine wary well-considered well-contrived well-designed well-done well-invented well-laid well-planned well-reasoned well-thought-out well-weighed whimsical wicked willing wily wise witty workmanlike


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