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1. (n.) Received with gladness; admitted willingly to the house, entertainment, or company; as, a welcome visitor.

2. (n.) Producing gladness; grateful; as, a welcome present; welcome news.

3. (n.) Free to have or enjoy gratuitously; as, you are welcome to the use of my library.

4. (n.) Salutation to a newcomer.

5. (n.) Kind reception of a guest or newcomer; as, we entered the house and found a ready welcome.

6. (v. t.) To salute with kindness, as a newcomer; to receive and entertain hospitably and cheerfully; as, to welcome a visitor; to welcome a new idea.

abide by accede accept acceptable acceptance accession acclaim accueil acquiesce acquiesce in acquiescence acquire affable agree agree to agree with agreeable agreement agreement in principle amiable amicable applaud assent assentation be responsible for bigheartedness blissful bounteousness bountifulness bounty bring down bring on bring upon buy cheer cheerful compatible complaisant compliance comply concurrence congenial consent contract cordial desirable dulcet easy purse strings embrace en rapport enjoyable fair fair and pleasant fall in with fall into favorable felicific felicitous fine free hand freedom freehandedness freeheartedness freeness gain general agreement generosity generousness genial get give the nod givingness glad hand good goodly gracious graciousness grateful gratifying great heart greatheartedness greetings hail harmonious heart-warming hearty assent hearty welcome hold with honeyed hospitality hug in toto incur invite largeheartedness largeness largess liberality liberalness likable magnanimity make welcome mellifluous mellow munificence nice nod nod assent open arms open hand open heart openhandedness openheartedness pleasant pleasing pleasurable pleasure-giving pleasureful receipt receive receiving reception refuge rewarding run satisfying smiling reception subscribe to support sweet sympathetic take kindly to taking in the glad hand unselfishness vote for warm assent welcome mat welcoming yes yield assent


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