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(n.) The quality or state of being weird.

absurdness act of folly aimlessness amphigory anticness babble babblement balderdash bibble-babble bizarreness bizarrerie blabber blather blunder bombast bootlessness claptrap craziness curiousness daftness deformity dottiness double-talk drivel drollery drollness drool dumb trick eccentricity emptiness error fallacy fantasticality fantasticalness fatuity fecklessness fiddle-faddle fiddledeedee flummery folderol folly foolishness freakishness fruitlessness fudge funniness fustian futility gabble galimatias gammon gibber gibberish gibble-gabble gobbledygook grotesqueness grotesquerie hilarity hocus-pocus hollowness hopelessness humbug humorousness illogicality impossibility impossible impossibleness impotence imprudence inanity inconceivability incongruity indiscretion ineffectiveness ineffectuality inefficacy insanity irrationality jabber jargon laughability ludicrousness malformation meaninglessness monstrosity monstrousness mumbo jumbo narrishkeit niaiserie no chance nonsense nonsensicality nugacity nuttiness oddity otiosity outlandishness outrageousness oxymoron pack of nonsense palaver paradox peculiarity pointlessness prate prattle preposterousness pricelessness profitlessness purposelessness quaintness queerness quizzicalness rant rat race richness ridiculousness rigamarole rigmarole rodomontade rubbish self-contradiction senselessness silliness singularity skimble-skamble sottise strangeness stuff and nonsense stultiloquence stupid thing stupidity teratism the absurd the funny side the impossible trash triviality trumpery twaddle twattle twiddle-twaddle unimaginability unproductiveness unprofitability unprofitableness unreasonableness unthinkability unwise step valuelessness vanity vaporing vicious circle waffling weirdness what cannot be what cannot happen whimsicalness wildness witlessness wittiness worthlessness


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