1. (a.) Desolate; devastated; stripped; bare; hence, dreary; dismal; gloomy; cheerless.

2. (a.) Lying unused; unproductive; worthless; valueless; refuse; rejected; as, waste land; waste paper.

3. (a.) Lost for want of occupiers or use; superfluous.

4. (v.) To bring to ruin; to devastate; to desolate; to destroy.

5. (v.) To wear away by degrees; to impair gradually; to diminish by constant loss; to use up; to consume; to spend; to wear out.

6. (v.) To spend unnecessarily or carelessly; to employ prodigally; to expend without valuable result; to apply to useless purposes; to lavish vainly; to squander; to cause to be lost; to destroy by scattering or injury.

7. (v.) To damage, impair, or injure, as an estate, voluntarily, or by suffering the buildings, fences, etc., to go to decay.

8. (v. i.) To be diminished; to lose bulk, substance, strength, value, or the like, gradually; to be consumed; to dwindle; to grow less.

9. (v. i.) To procure or sustain a reduction of flesh; -- said of a jockey in preparation for a race, etc.

10. (n.) The act of wasting, or the state of being wasted; a squandering; needless destruction; useless consumption or expenditure; devastation; loss without equivalent gain; gradual loss or decrease, by use, wear, or decay; as, a waste of property, time, labor, words, etc.

11. (v.) That which is wasted or desolate; a devastated, uncultivated, or wild country; a deserted region; an unoccupied or unemployed space; a dreary void; a desert; a wilderness.

12. (v.) That which is of no value; worthless remnants; refuse. Specifically: Remnants of cops, or other refuse resulting from the working of cotton, wool, hemp, and the like, used for wiping machinery, absorbing oil in the axle boxes of railway cars, etc.

13. (v.) Spoil, destruction, or injury, done to houses, woods, fences, lands, etc., by a tenant for life or for years, to the prejudice of the heir, or of him in reversion or remainder.

14. (v.) Old or abandoned workings, whether left as vacant space or filled with refuse.

Arabia Deserta Death Valley Sahara abate ablate ablation absorption acarpous afterglow afterimage arid assimilation atrophy attenuate attrition back back of beyond back-country backwood backwoods backwoodsy balance barren barren land barrens bate be consumed be eaten away be gone be used up blast bloodbath blot out blow blue ruin blunder away bones breakup bring to ruin brush bump off burning up bush butt butt end candle ends carnage carpe diem cast away cease cease to be cease to exist celibate chaff childless condemn confound conspicuous consumption consume consume away consumption corrode corrosion croak crumble culm damn damnation deadwood deal destruction debris decimate decimation decline decrease decrement dejecta dejection dejecture deliquesce deliquescence dematerialize depart deplete depletion depreciate depreciation depredate depredation desecrate desert desolate desolation despoil despoilment despoliation destroy destruction detritus devastate devastation devour die die away die out digestion diminish disappear discharge dishwater disintegration disorganization dispel disperse disruption dissipate dissipation dissolution dissolve dive do a fade-out do in draff drain drained dregs dribble away dried-up drivel droop drop drop off dry dry up dust dust bowl dwindle eating up ebb effluent egesta ejecta ejectamenta ejection emacerate emaciate emaciation end engorge erase erode erosion evanesce evaporate evaporation excrement excreta excretes exhaust exhausted exhaustion exit expend expending expenditure extravagance extravagancy extravasate extravasation exudate exudation fade fade away fade out fag end fail fall fall away fall off fallow filings finishing fix flag flee fly fool away fossil fritter frivol fruitless garbage gash gaunt gelded get give out give the business go go away gobble gobble up gun down gut gut with fire havoc heath hecatomb hide hinterland hit hogwash holdover holocaust howling wilderness husks ice impotent impoverishment incinerate incontinence ineffectual infecund infertile ingestion intemperance issueless jejune jungle junk karroo kelter languish lavishness lay in ruins lay out lay waste leached leakage leaking purse leave no trace leave the scene leavings lees leftovers lessen let up litter loose purse strings lose lose strength loss lunar landscape lunar waste


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