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(n.) The quality or state of being wary; care to foresee and guard against evil; cautiousness.

IQ Pyrrhonism abduction agitation alarm all-overs angst anxiety anxiety hysteria anxiety neurosis anxious bench anxious concern anxious seat anxiousness apprehensiveness arrest arrestation arrestment boding bust caliber cankerworm of care capacity capture care catch catching clairvoyance cliff-hanging collaring command comprehension conceit concept conception conceptualization concern concernment coup deductive power detention diffidence disquiet disquietude distress distrust distrustfulness disturbance doubt doubtfulness dragnet dread dubiety dubiousness esemplastic power expectant waiting faith fancy fear forcible seizure foreboding forebodingness foreknowledge grab grabbing grasp grip half-belief hold idea ideation image imago impression inquietude integrative power intellect intellection intellectual grasp intellectual object intellectual power intellectualism intellectuality intelligence intelligence quotient kidnapping knowledge leeriness malaise mastery memory-trace mental age mental capacity mental grasp mental image mental impression mental ratio mentality misdoubt misgiving mistrust mistrustfulness mother wit nab nabbing native wit nervous strain nervous tension nervousness netting notion observation opinion overanxiety panic perception perturbation pessimism picking up pickup pinch pins and needles possession power grab power of mind precognition prehension premonition prenotion presage presentiment pucker qualm qualmishness question rationality reasoning power recept reflection reliance representation running in sanity savvy scope of mind scruple scrupulousness seizure seizure of power self-doubt sense sentiment shadow of doubt skepticalness skepticism snatch snatching solicitude stew strain supposition suspense suspicion suspiciousness taking in taking into custody tension theory thinking power thought total skepticism trouble trust uncertainty understanding unease uneasiness unquietness upset vexation waiting wariness wisdom wit worry zeal


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