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He affect air alert approve argue articulate aspirate attest bark bawl be be alive be animate be aromatic be construed as be extant be found be in existence be met with be present be redolent of be the case be there bellow bespeak besprinkle betoken blare blat blow blubber boom brandish bray break break it to break the news breathe hard breathe in breathe out brew bring forth bring forward bring into view bring out bring to notice buzz cackle chant chime chirp chorus color come out with communicate confide confide to connote convey coo cough crow dangle decoct deliver demonstrate denote develop disclose display divulgate divulge dramatize draw breath draw in drawl dredge dye embody emit emit a smell enact entincture entrust with information enunciate evidence evince evulgate exclaim exhale exhaust exhibit exist expel expire expose to view express fetch breath flaunt flavor fling off flourish flute formulate furnish evidence gasp give give confidential information give expression give indication of give out give out with give sign give token give tongue give utterance give vent to give voice go to show growl grunt gulp hack happen to be have being have life have place hiccup highlight hint at hiss hold huff illuminate illustrate imbrue imbue impart imply import impregnate incarnate indicate infiltrate infuse inhale inspire instill involve keen knock off lay off leaven let get around let in on let next to let out lie by lilt lip live live and breathe maffle make clear make known make plain manifest mark materialize mean mention privately move mumble murmur mussitate mutter nose obtain occur out with pant parade pause penetrate perform permeate pervade phonate phrase pipe point to pour forth present prevail produce pronounce publish puff put forth put hep put in words put next to raise recess reek refer to represent respire reveal roar roll out rumble saturate say scent scream screech season set forth show show forth show signs of shriek sibilate sigh signalize signify sing slurp smell smell of snap snarl sneeze sniff sniffle snore snort snuff snuff in snuffle sob sound speak speak for itself speak volumes spell spotlight squall squawk squeal stand stand for


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