1. (a.) Belonging or relating to life, either animal or vegetable; as, vital energies; vital functions; vital actions.

2. (a.) Contributing to life; necessary to, or supporting, life; as, vital blood.

3. (a.) Containing life; living.

4. (a.) Being the seat of life; being that on which life depends; mortal.

5. (a.) Very necessary; highly important; essential.

6. (a.) Capable of living; in a state to live; viable.

7. (n.) A vital part; one of the vitals.

abiding aboveground acid age-long aged agog alacritous alive alive and kicking all agog among the living ancient animate animated animating antic antique anxious armipotent authoritative avid bang basic bedrock biological biotic biting bouncing breathing breathless brisk bursting to called for capable of life capersome cardinal central chronic cogent coltish compulsory conscious constant constitutive continuing corrosive critical crucial cutting desirous diuturnal drive driving durable dynamic eager effective endowed with life enduring energetic enlivened enlivening essential evergreen existent exuberant flush focal forceful forcible forward frisky frolicsome full of beans full of life fundamental gamesome gay getup gutsy hale hale and hearty hardy hearty high-potency high-powered high-pressure high-tension immutable impatient imperative important impressive in force in power in the flesh incisive indicated indispensable inspirited instinct with life integral intransient inveterate invigorating irreducible irreductible irreplaceable irresistible keen key lasting life-and-death life-giving life-or-death live lively living long-lasting long-lived long-standing long-term longeval longevous lusty macrobiotic main mandatory material mighty mighty in battle mordant necessary needed needful nervous of long duration of long standing of vital importance operative organic organized panting paramount penetrating perdurable perduring perennial permanent perpetual persistent persisting physiological piercing pivotal playful poignant potent powerful prepotent prerequisite prompt puissant punchy quick quickening raring to ready ready and willing red-blooded rejuvenating remaining required requisite reviving robust robustious robustuous rollicking rollicksome rompish rude rugged ruling sempervirent sensational sinewed sinewy skittish slashing spirited sportive sprightly stable stalwart staying steadfast stout strenuous striking strong sturdy substantive telling tenacious of life tough trenchant unfading unforgoable valid very much alive viable vigorous vim vitality vitalizing vivacious vivid vivified vivifying wanted zestful zippy zoetic


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