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1. (a.) Of or pertaining to a visions or visions; characterized by, appropriate to, or favorable for, visions.

2. (a.) Affected by phantoms; disposed to receive impressions on the imagination; given to reverie; apt to receive, and act upon, fancies as if they were realities.

3. (a.) Existing in imagination only; not real; fanciful; imaginary; having no solid foundation; as, visionary prospect; a visionary scheme or project.

4. (n.) One whose imagination is disturbed; one who sees visions or phantoms.

5. (n.) One whose imagination overpowers his reason and controls his judgment; an unpractical schemer; one who builds castles in the air; a daydreamer.

Barmecidal Barmecide Don Quixote Quixote Utopian abstracted addict airy apparent apparitional astral autistic bug chimeric collector daydreamer daydreaming daydreamy deceptive delusional delusionary delusive delusory demon dereistic dreamer dreamer of dreams dreamlike dreamy eager beaver energumen enthusiast erroneous escapist exalted faddist fallacious FALSE fanatic fanciful fantast fantastic fiend freak grandiose great one for hobbyist hound idealist idealistic illusional illusionary illusive illusory imaginary impractical in the clouds infatuate introspective lofty lotus-eater misleading musing noble nut ostensible otherworldly phantasmagoric phantasmal phantom poetic pretentious prophet pursuer quixotic radical rhapsodist romancer romancing romantic romanticist romanticized seeming seer self-deceptive self-deluding specious spectral speculative starry-eyed storybook sucker for supposititious transcendental transmundane unactual unfounded unpractical unreal unrealistic unsubstantial unworkable unworldly utopian utopianist utopianizer wish-fulfilling wishful thinker zealot


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