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1. (a.) Possessing or exhibiting virtue.

2. (a.) Exhibiting manly courage and strength; valorous; valiant; brave.

3. (a.) Having power or efficacy; powerfully operative; efficacious; potent.

4. (a.) Having moral excellence; characterized by morality; upright; righteous; pure; as, a virtuous action.

5. (a.) Chaste; pure; -- applied especially to women.

Christian advantageous angelic auspicious beneficial benevolent blameless blotless bon bonny braw bueno capital chaste clean cleanly cogent commendable creditable decent effectual efficacious efficient elegant erect estimable ethical excellent exemplary expedient fair fair-minded faithful famous faultless favorable fine full of integrity godly good goodly grand guiltless healthy helpful high-minded high-principled highly respectable honest honorable immaculate in the clear incorruptible inculpable innocent inviolate irreproachable just kind laudable law-abiding law-loving law-revering manly moral moralistic nice noble pleasant principled profitable proper pure pure in heart purehearted regal reputable respectable right right-minded righteous royal saintlike saintly scrupulous seraphic sexually innocent sinless skillful snowy sound splendid spotless stainless sterling straight taintless TRUE true-dealing true-devoted true-disposing true-souled true-spirited truehearted trustworthy unblamable unblemished unblotted uncorrupt uncorrupted undefiled unimpeachable unsoiled unspotted unstained unsullied untainted untarnished upright uprighteous upstanding useful valid very good virgin virginal white without reproach worthy yeomanly


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