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1. (n.) One devoted to virtu; one skilled in a particular fine art; a brilliant performer on some instrument\, as the violin or the piano; a brilliant concert player.

2. (n.) A collector or ardent admirer of curiosities, etc.

A per se Daedalian ace adept adroit amateur apt arbiter arbiter elegantiarum arbiter of taste artist artiste artistic authoritative authority bon vivant boss bravura brilliant champion chief clean clever cognoscente collector commander concert artist connaisseur connoisseur coordinated crack crackerjack critic cunning cute dabster daedal dazzling dean deft dexterous dextrous dilettante diplomatic epicure epicurean excellent exceptional executant expert extraordinary fancy first-rate first-rater fugleman genius good good hand good judge goodish gourmand gourmet graceful great handy head higher-up ingenious interpreter judge laureate leader leading light luminary maestro magician magisterial mahatma man of genius master master hand masterful masterly mastermind matchless maven minstrel minstrelsy music maker music-loving musical musically inclined musician musicianly musicophile neat no mean nonpareil old hand paragon past master peerless performer philharmonic player politic practiced hand principal prodigious prodigy professional proficient quick quite some ready refined palate remarkable resourceful ruler sage senior skilled hand skillful slick soloist some star statesmanlike sterling stylish superb superior superlative superman superstar tactful talent talented the compleat the complete the greatest the most top dog topnotcher tunester virtuosa virtuose virtuosic well-done whiz wizard wonder workmanlike


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