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(imp. & p. p.) of Vindicate.

L Long Melford abstract acquitted all the way allure anchor anchorage and and sinker angle angle off annex apex appropriate arc arch argue into articulate backhand backhander backstroke bag bait bait the hook baited trap bar batten batten down belt bend bend back berth bifurcate bifurcation bight bill birdlime bola bolo punch bolt boom boost borrow bow branch breakwater bring over bring round bring to reason buckle butt button cabbage cant cape captivate capture catacaustic catch catch out catenary caustic charm chersonese chevron circle clasp claws cleared cleat clip clotheshorse clothespin clutches cobweb coin collar come what may come-on completely con conchoid convince cop coral reef corner crane crank crib crook crotchet curl curve decoy decoy duck decurve deflect deflection defraud delta diacaustic digits dogleg dome dovetail dragnet draw over drawcard drawing card elbow ell ellipse embezzle embow endearment enmesh ensnare ensnarl entangle entirely entoil entrap enweb exonerated extort fangs fastener festoon filch fingernails fingers fishhook flex fly foreland fork foul furcate furcation gain gain over gallows garter gibbet gill net gin grab ground bait hake hands hanger harpoon hasp haymaker head headland hinge hitch holder hook hook in hooks horse hump hunch hyperbola in the clear incurvate incurve inflect inflection inveigle jam jaws jig joint knee knob land lariat lasso latch let off liberate lift lime line lituus lock loop lure make off with mandibles maxillae meathooks mesh meshes miter mitts mooring mooring buoy moorings mortise mudhook mull nab nail nails naze ness net nick nip nippers nook noose off one-two out of it outtalk palm parabola peg peninsula persuade pilfer pin pincers pinch plug poach point pothook pounces pound net prevail on prevail upon prevail with promontory purloin purse seine quoin rabbet recurve reef reflect reflex remove retroflex ring rip off rivet rob


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