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1. (n.) One's mother tongue; the common forms of expression in a particular locality; as, the vernacular language\.

2. (a.) Belonging to the country of one's birth; one's own by birth or nature; native; indigenous; -- now used chiefly of language; as, English is our vernacular language.

Babbittish Philistine aboriginal accustomed ancient language argot austerity autochthonous average baldness bareness bourgeois campy candor cant classical language colloquial colloquial speech colloquial usage colloquialism common common speech commonplace confined conventional conversational conversationalism current customary dead language directness easy endemic everyday familiar frankness general geographically limited gibberish gobbledygook habitual high-camp homebred homegrown homely homespun household household words idiom illiterate speech indigenous informal informal English informal language informal speech insular jargon kitschy language leanness limited lingo living language local localized low-camp matter-of-factness mother tongue mumbo jumbo natal native native language native speech native tongue native-born naturalness nonstandard normative of a place openness ordinary original parent language parochial patois patter phraseology plain plain English plain speaking plain speech plain style plain words plainness plebeian pop popular predominating prescriptive prevailing primitive prosaicness prosiness provincial public regional regular regulation restrainedness rustic style scatology severity simple simpleness simplicity slang soberness spareness speech spoken spoken language standard starkness stock straightforward straightforwardness substandard substandard language taboo language talk topical unadorned style unadornedness unaffectedness uneducated unimaginativeness universal unliterary unpoeticalness unstudied usual vernacularism vocabulary vulgar vulgar language vulgar tongue vulgate wonted


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