1. (n.) A rod or staff, carried as an emblem of authority; as, the verge, carried before a dean.

2. (n.) The stick or wand with which persons were formerly admitted tenants, they holding it in the hand, and swearing fealty to the lord. Such tenants were called tenants by the verge.

3. (n.) The compass of the court of Marshalsea and the Palace court, within which the lord steward and the marshal of the king's household had special jurisdiction; -- so called from the verge, or staff, which the marshal bore.

4. (n.) A virgate; a yardland.

5. (n.) A border, limit, or boundary of a space; an edge, margin, or brink of something definite in extent.

6. (n.) A circumference; a circle; a ring.

7. (n.) The shaft of a column, or a small ornamental shaft.

8. (n.) The edge of the tiling projecting over the gable of a roof.

9. (n.) The spindle of a watch balance, especially one with pallets, as in the old vertical escapement. See under Escapement.

10. (n.) The edge or outside of a bed or border.

11. (n.) A slip of grass adjoining gravel walks, and dividing them from the borders in a parterre.

12. (n.) The penis.

13. (n.) The external male organ of certain mollusks, worms, etc. See Illustration in Appendix.

14. (v. i.) To border upon; to tend; to incline; to come near; to approach.

15. (v. i.) To tend downward; to bend; to slope; as, a hill verges to the north.

about to abut abut on adjoin aim approach armory badge badge of office badges bank baton be contiguous be in contact bear befringe bend to bias bind blazonry board border border line border on bordure bound boundaries boundary bounds bourns brassard brim brink brow butt button cap and gown chain chain of office circumference circumscription class ring coast cockade collar communicate compass conduce confines conjoin connect contribute coordinates cross decoration dispose draw dress eagle edge edges emblems enframe ensigns extend fasces featheredge figurehead flange fleur-de-lis frame fringe fringes go hammer and sickle have a tendency head hem heraldry hold a heading incline insignia join labellum labium labrum lap lapel pin lead lean ledge lie by limb limbus limitations limits line lip list livery look to mace mantle march marches marge margin medal metes metes and bounds mortarboard move neighbor old school tie outline outlines outskirts pale parameters perimeter periphery pin point point to purfle purl ragged edge ready to redound to regalia rim ring rose school ring selvage serve set set off set toward shamrock shore show a tendency side sideline sigillography skirt skirts skull and crossbones sphragistics staff stand by steer stretch surround swastika tartan tend tend to tend to go thistle threshold tie touch trench trend trim turn uniform verge on verge upon verges wand warp work toward


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