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1. (a.) Of or pertaining to utility; consisting in utility; aiming at utility as distinguished from beauty, ornament, etc.; sometimes, reproachfully, evincing, or characterized by, a regard for utility Of a lower kind, or marked by a sordid spirit; as, utilitarian narrowness; a utilitarian indifference to art.

2. (a.) of or pertaining to utilitarianism; supporting utilitarianism; as, the utilitarian view of morality; the Utilitarian Society.

3. (n.) One who holds the doctrine of utilitarianism.

Cyrenaic Eleatic Epicurean Megarian Stoic advantageous animist animistic appropriate atomistic banausic beneficial breadwinning businesslike commercial commodious cosmotheistic down-to-earth eclectic empirical employable eudaemonistic existential expedient fitting functional good for hard hedonic hedonist hedonistic helpful humanist humanistic idealistic instrumentalist materialistic matter-of-fact mechanistic metaphysical moneymaking monistic naturalistic nominalist of general utility of help of service of use panlogistical pantheistic positivist positivistic practical pragmatic pragmatical pragmatist proper prosaic rationalistic realist realistic scholastic sensationalistic serviceable syncretistic theistic transcendentalist transcendentalistic unidealistic unromantic useful vitalistic voluntarist voluntaristic workaday workday working


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