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a bit much abandoned ablaze accessible adrift afire afloat alternating amorphous approachable ardent artless bibulous bluff blunt boiling over boundless breathless broad brusque burning candid capricious careless changeable changeful communicative conversable cordial crapulent crapulous delirious demonstrative desultory deviable direct disobedient dizzy downright drunk easy easygoing eccentric effusive egregious enormous enthusiastic erratic exaggerated excessive excited exorbitant expansive explicit extravagant extreme extroverted exuberant fabulous fancy fast and loose febrile fervent fervid fevered feverish fickle fiery fitful flaming flickering flighty flitting fluctuating flushed forthright frank frankhearted freakish free free-speaking free-spoken free-tongued genuine giddy gigantic glowing gluttonous go-go gossipy headstrong heady heart-to-heart hearty heated high hot hyperbolic hypertrophied immoderate impassioned impetuous impotent imprecise impulsive inconsistent inconstant incontinent indecisive indifferent indulgent infirm ingenuous inordinate insubordinate intemperate intense intoxicated irregular irrepressible irresolute irresponsible keen lawless lax lenient licentious lively loose mazy mercurial monstrous moody mutinous negligent newsy nonrestrictive on fire open openhearted orgiastic out of bounds out of control out of hand out of sight outgoing outrageous outspoken overbig overdeveloped overgreat overgrown overindulgent overindulging overlarge overmuch overpermissive overweening passionate permissive plain plain-spoken plainspoken prodigal rambling rampant red-hot reinless relaxed remiss restless riotous round roving scatterbrained self-indulgent self-revealing self-revelatory self-willed shapeless shifting shifty shuffling sincere slack slipshod sloppy sociable soft spasmodic spineless steaming steamy steep stiff straight straight-out straightforward swinish talkative too much transparent unaccountable unbridled uncertain unchecked uncoerced uncompelled unconfined unconscionable unconstrained uncontinent uncontrolled uncurbed undependable undisciplined undue unequivocal unfixed unforced unfrugal ungoverned unguarded unhampered uninhibited unlimited unmastered unmeasured unmuzzled unpredictable unreasonable unreined unreliable unrepressed unreserved unrestricted unrestrictive unreticent unruly unsecretive unsettled unshrinking unsilent unstable unstable as water unstaid unsteadfast unsteady unsubdued unsuppressed untempered unthrifty untrammeled vacillating


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