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(a.) Not remitting; incessant; continued; persevering; as, unremitting exertions.

abiding ageless ardent articulated assiduous catenated ceaseless changeless chattering coeternal concatenated connected constant continual continued continuing continuous cyclical dateless diligent direct dogged endless enduring energetic eternal eterne ever-being ever-durable ever-during everlasting everliving faithful featureless fervent gapless hard hardworking immediate immemorial immutable inalterable incessant incommutable inconvertible indefatigable indefeasible indestructible indomitable industrious inert infinite insistent insusceptible of change interminable intransmutable invariable invincible irretrievable irreversible irrevocable joined jointless laborious lasting linked loyal machine gun monotonous never idle never-ceasing never-ending never-tiring noble nonreturnable nonreversible nonstop nonterminating nonterminous obstinate olamic oscillating patient patient as Job perdurable perennial periodic permanent perpetual perseverant persevering persistent persisting pertinacious plodding plugging preoccupied pulsating rapid rapt recurrent regular relentless remaining repeated repetitive resolute reverseless round-the-clock running seamless sedulous sempiternal serried single-minded sleepless slogging smooth stable staccato staying steadfast steady sticking straight strenuous stubborn stuttering sustained tenacious timeless tireless twenty-four-hour unabating unalterable unalterative unaltered unbroken unceasing unchangeable unchanged unchanging unconquerable undaunted undeflectable undeviating undifferentiated undiscouraged undrooping undying unending unfailing unfaltering unflagging unflinching uniform unintermitted unintermittent unintermitting uninterrupted unmodifiable unnodding unrelaxing unrelenting unrelieved unrestorable unreturnable unsleeping unsparing unstopped unsusceptible unswerving untiring unvariable unvarying unwavering unwearied unwearying unwinking utterly attentive vehement vibrating weariless without end zealous


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