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Doric Gothic Neanderthal Philistine animal arrested awkward backward barbarian barbaric barbarous bestial bookless boorish broken brutal brutish bumbling bumpy cacophonous caddish choppy churlish cloddish clodhopping clownish clumsy coarse coarse-grained corrugated countrified country-born country-bred crass cross-grained crude deceived discourteous doggerel dysphemistic embryonic farmerish from the sticks functionally illiterate gauche graceless grained grainy grammarless granular granulated gritty gross harsh hayseed heathen hick hicky hobnailed homespun hoodwinked horripilant ignoble ill-bred ill-educated ill-mannered illiterate impolite improper impure in bad taste in embryo in ovo in the rough inconcinnate inconcinnous inconsiderate incorrect indecorous inelegant inequal infelicitous insensitive inurbane irregular jolty led astray linsey-woolsey loutish louty low lowbred lowbrow lumpen lumpish misinformed misinstructed mistaught nasty native natural noncivilized nonintellectual offensive outlandish oversimple pagan pimply pitted plebeian pocky potholed primitive rank raw reductionistic reductive ripply rough rough-and-ready rough-cast rough-grained rough-hewn roughcast roughhewn rube rude rudimental rudimentary ruffled run-of-mine rutted rutty savage shagged shaggy simplistic stunted tactless tasteless textured troglodytic unblown unbooked unbookish unbooklearned unbriefed uncivil uncivilized unclarified uncombed uncourtly uncouth uncultivated uncultured uncut underdeveloped undeveloped undignified undressed unedified uneducated unerudite uneuphonious uneven unfashioned unfelicitous unfeminine unfinished unformed ungenteel ungentle ungentlemanly ungraceful ungracious ungraded unguided unhewn uninstructed unintellectual unkempt unlabored unladylike unlearned unlettered unlevel unlicked unliterary unmannerly unpolished unprocessed unread unscholarly unschooled unseemly unsmooth unsolicitous unsophisticated unsorted unstudious untamed untaught untreated untutored ununiform unworked unwrought up-country vulgar wild wimpled yokel yokelish


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