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OK Roger a outrance actually affirmatively all out all right alright alrighty altogether amen and no mistake as you say assertively assuredly at all events at any rate aye beyond all bounds beyond compare beyond comparison beyond measure by all means categorically certainly clean clearly completely da de facto dead decidedly decisively declaratively definitely directly distinctly doubtless doubtlessly downright emphatically entirely essentially even exactly expressly extremely faithfully faultlessly fine flat out flawlessly for a certainty for a fact for certain for sure forsooth fully fundamentally genuinely good good enough hear ideally immaculately immeasurably impeccably in actuality in all respects in effect in every respect in fact in reality in the extreme in truth incalculably indeed indeedy indefinitely indubitably infallibly infinitely ipsissimis verbis irretrievably irrevocably ja just just right just so literally literatim mais oui manifestly most most assuredly most certainly naturally naturellement nothing else but obviously of course okay oui perfectly plain plumb point-blank positively precisely predicatively purely quite radically rather really right righto rigidly rigorously sheer spotlessly square squarely stark straight strictly sure sure thing surely thoroughly to a certainty to be sure to the letter totally truly unconditionally under oath undeviatingly unequivocally unerringly unmistakably unquestionably unrelievedly unreservedly utterly verbally verbatim verbatim et litteratim veritably very well well and good wholly why yes with a vengeance with emphasis word by word word for word yea yeah yep yes yes indeed yes indeedy yes sir yes sirree


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