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abiding absolute admitting no exception all-embracing all-encompassing all-out all-pervading arrant authentic blasted blessed bona fide born broad-based candid card-carrying categorical classical clean clear complete comprehensive conclusive confounded congenital consummate crass decided decisive deep-dyed defective deficient definite definitive determinate dinkum disqualified downright dyed-in-the-wool egregious enduring entire exhaustive explicit express failing final firm fixed flagrant flat flat-out following the letter found wanting full genuine glaring global good gross honest honest-to-God ill-adapted ill-assorted ill-chosen ill-equipped ill-fitted ill-furnished ill-matched ill-provided ill-qualified ill-sorted ill-suited ill-timed illimitable imperfect implicit improper inadequate inadmissible inappealable inapplicable inapposite inappropriate inapt inartificial incapable incapable of incompetent incomplete indisputable ineffective ineffectual inefficient ineligible inept infelicitous inferior infernal insufficient intact integral intensive intolerable irrelevant lacking lawful legitimate lifelike limitless literal mal a propos maladjusted malapropos misjoined mismatched mismated misplaced natural naturalistic never-failing no strings not enough not equal to not up to omnibus omnipresent open original out of character out of joint out of keeping out of line out of place out of proportion out of season out of time out of tune out-and-out outright peremptory perfect pervasive plain plenary plumb positive precious profound pronounced proper pure pure and simple radical rank real realistic regular rightful round shattering sheer shocking simon-pure simple sincere sound stark stark-staring steadfast steady sterling straight straight-out superlative sure-enough surpassing sweeping the veriest thorough thoroughgoing through-and-through too little total TRUE true to life true to nature true to reality ubiquitous unable unable to unadapted unadjusted unadulterated unaffected unalloyed unapt unarmed unassumed unassuming unbearable unbecoming unbefitting unbound unbounded uncircumscribed uncolored unconcocted unconditional unconditioned unconfined unconscionable uncopied uncounterfeited undeniable undiluted undisguised undisguising undistorted undoubting unendowed unequal to unequipped unequivocal unexaggerated unfabricated unfaltering unfanciful unfeigned unfeigning unfictitious unfit unfitted unfitting unflattering ungifted unhampered unhesitating unimagined unimitated uninvented universal unlimited unmeasured unmistakable unmitigated unmixed unprepared unpretended unpretending unprovided unquestioning unrelieved unreserved


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