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(a.) Not natural; contrary the order of nature; artificial\; being without natural traits; as, unnatural crimes.

Gongoresque Gongoristic Marinistic aberrant abnormal affected amorphous anomalistic anomalous apocryphal artificial assumed bastard bent bestial bizarre bogus brummagem callous calloused cold cold of heart coldblooded coldhearted colorable colored contrived counterfeit counterfeited crank crankish cranky crotchety deviant deviative different distorted divergent dotty dressed up dummy eccentric elaborate elaborated embellished embroidered erratic ersatz euphuistic exceptional extraordinary factitious fake faked FALSE falsified feigned fey fictitious fictive flaky flinthearted forced formless freakish funny garbled grotesque hard hard of heart hardened hardhearted heartless heteroclite heteromorphic histrionic hyperelegant idiocratic idiosyncratic illegitimate imitation improper insensitive insincere irregular junky kinky kooky la-di-da labored maggoty make-believe man-made maniere mannered mock monstrous nutty obdurate odd oddball out of character outlandish overacted overdone overelaborate overelegant overnice overrefined peculiar perverse perverted phony pinchbeck precieuse precieux precious pretended pretentious preternatural pseudo put-on quasi queer quirky restrained screwball screwy self-conscious self-styled sham shapeless shoddy simulated singular so-called soi-disant spurious stagy stiff stilted stonyhearted strange stray straying studied subnormal supernatural supposititious synthetic theatrical tin tinsel titivated tribadistic twisted unaccountable unauthentic uncanny uncharacteristic unconventional unexpected unfeeling ungenuine unmerciful unreal unresponsive unseemly unusual wacky wandering warped weird whimsical


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