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aristocracy barons bear the palm beat beat all hollow beat hollow better bottom cap champion choice chosen clobber conquer cream crush cut defeat destroy do in drub elect elite establishment exceed excel excellent exemplar fat finery finest first first-class first-rate fix flower for the best foremost gem giveaway go one better greater greatest half-price handpicked hide highest hors de combat improve on kindest lambaste largest lather lick lords of creation lowest marked down master matchless maximal maximum model most nobility nonesuch nonpareil optimal optimum outclass outdo outfight outgeneral outmaneuver outpoint outrun outsail outshine outstrip outweigh outwit overbalance overbear overcome overlapping overpass overpower overtop overwhelm paragon paramount pattern peerless perfect pick picked power elite power structure predominate preponderate prevail prevail over pride prime primrose prize put queen quintessence quintessential reduced richest rise above rock-bottom rout ruin ruling circles ruling class sacrificial select settle skin skin alive slashed subdue superb superior superlative supreme surmount surpass surpassing take the cake the best the best ever the best people the brass the tops the very best thrash tip-top top top people top-notch topmost tower above tower over transcend trim triumph triumph over trounce trump undo unexcelled unmatchable unmatched unparalleled unsurpassed upper class upper crust uppermost utmost vanquish very best wealthiest whip win worst


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