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1. (a.) Unconstrained; having no bounds; boundless; as, an unlimited expanse of ocean\.

2. (a.) Undefined; indefinite; not bounded by proper exceptions; as, unlimited terms.

3. (a.) Unconfined; not restrained; unrestricted.

absolute admitting no exception all-comprehensive all-inclusive all-knowing all-out all-powerful all-seeing all-wise almighty bibulous boundless categorical changeless clear complete conclusive countless crapulent crapulous creating creative decided decisive definite definitive determinate downright endless entire eternal eternally the same everlasting excessive exhaustless explicit express extending everywhere extensive extravagant extreme far-reaching final fixed flat flat-out full full-blown full-scale global glorious gluttonous good hallowed highest holy illimitable illimited immeasurable immense immoderate immortal immutable implicit inappealable incalculable incomprehensible incontinent indefinite indisputable indulgent inexhaustible infinite infinitely continuous innumerable inordinate intemperate interminable interminate just limitless loving luminous majestic making measureless merciful myriad never-ending no end of no strings numberless numinous omnipotent omnipresent omniscient one open out-and-out outright overindulgent overindulging peremptory perfect permanent perpetual plenary plenipotentiary positive prodigal radiant round sacred self-indulgent shaping shoreless sovereign straight straight-out sumless supreme swinish termless timeless too much total totalitarian ubiquitous unbound unbounded unbridled unchanging unchecked uncircumscribed unconditional unconditioned unconfined unconstrained uncontrolled undefined undisciplined undoubting unequivocal unfathomable unfrugal unhampered unhesitating universal unmeasurable unmeasured unmistakable unmitigated unnumbered unplumbed unqualified unquestioning unreserved unrestrained unrestricted unthrifty untold unwaivable utter vast whole wide-open without bound without end without exception without limit without measure without number without reserve without strings


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