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1. (v. t.) To drive from a kennel or hole; as, to unkennel a fox.

2. (v. t.) Fig.: To discover; to disclose.

Spartan absolute and ascetic austere bald bankrupt bare-ass bared barren basic bland blank bleached bleak break the seal bring to light candid characterless chaste clarified clear cleared cold common commonplace deep-worn defoliate defoliated denudate denude denuded deobstruct depleted deprive desert desolate destitute develop devoid direct disclose disclosed discover dismantle dismask disrobe distilled divest divested divulge dog-eared draw the veil dried-up dry dull elementary emptied empty essential exhausted exhibit expose exposed featureless fleece frank free fundamental gymnosophical hairless hard hatless hollow homely homespun homogeneous impart in native buff in puris naturalibus in the altogether in the buff in the raw inane indivisible insipid irreducible lay bare lay open lean let daylight in let out literal manifest matter-of-fact mere minimal monolithic naked natural naturistic neat nude nudist null null and void of a piece open open as day open to all open up out-and-out overt patefy peeled plain plain-speaking plain-spoken pluck primal primary prosaic prosing prosy pure pure and simple purified raise the curtain raw rectified remove reveal revealed rustic scant scanty sere severe shear sheer shelfworn shopworn shorn show show up simon-pure simple simple-speaking single sober spare stark stark-naked straight straightforward strip strip bare stripped tell threadbare timeworn unadorned unadulterated unaffected unalloyed unarrayed unattired unblended unblock uncase unclad unclassified unclench uncloak unclog unclogged unclosed unclothed unclutch uncluttered uncombined uncomplicated uncompounded unconcealed uncork uncorrupted uncover uncovered uncurtain undecked undecorated undifferenced undifferentiated undiluted undisguised undo undrape undress undressed unembellished unenhanced unfilled unfold unfortified unfoul unfurbished unfurl ungarnished unhidden uniform unimaginative unkennel unlatch unleavened unlock unmask unmingled unmixed unobstructed unornamented unpack unplug unpoetical unrelieved unrestricted unrobed unroll unscreen unseal unsheathe unshod unshroud unshut unsophisticated unstop unstopped unsupplied untinged untrimmed unvarnished unveil unwrap vacant vacuous void well-worn white wide-open with nothing inside with nothing on without a stitch without content worn worn ragged


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