1. (a.) Acting contrary to the standard of right; not animated or controlled by justice; false; dishonest; as, an unjust man or judge.

2. (a.) Contrary to justice and right; prompted by a spirit of injustice; wrongful; as, an unjust sentence; an unjust demand; an unjust accusation.

Fescennine Rabelaisian abase abeyant abhorrent abject abominable abuse abusive adulterate adulterated adverse affronting afoul amoral angry apathetic arrant asperse atrocious awful bad bad for bag bang bang into bar barfy base bawdy beastly befoul beggarly begrime belittle belittling below contempt below the belt benasty beneath contempt bent besmirch besoil bind black blacken blamable blameworthy blasphemous block block up blockade blocked blow blue blustery botch bound brackish brutal bugger up bump bump into bung bungle calumniatory calumnious cankered cannon carious carom carom into cataleptic catatonic catch caught caulk cheesy chink choke choke off choke up choked choked up clash clog clog up clogged clogged up cloudy cloying coarse collide come into collision comminatory concuss confront each other congest congested constipate constipated contaminate contaminated contemptible contumelious convert cork corrupt costive cover crack up crappy crash crash into criminal crooked crude crummy crump crunch cursing cyclonic dam dam up damnable damnatory dangerous dark dash into dead debase debased decayed decomposed defalcate defamatory defame defile defiled degrade degraded demean denigrate denunciatory deplorable depraved deprecative deprecatory depreciate depreciative depreciatory derisive derisory derogate derogatory desecrate despicable detestable devaluate dire dirty disagreeable discredit disgrace disgraceful disgusting dishonest dishonor dishonorable disparage disparaging divert dopey dormant double-dealing dreadful dull dysphemistic egregious embezzle encounter enmesh enmeshed enormous ensnare ensnared entangle entangled entrap epithetic evil excommunicative excommunicatory execrable execratory fall foul of fecal feculent festering fetid fill fill up filthy flagitious flagrant flat flyblown forbidden forbidding foul play foul up foul-mouthed foul-spoken foul-tongued fouled fraudulent frightful frowsty frowy frowzy full fulminatory fulsome funky fusty gamy gangrened gangrenous ghastly gloppy gone bad goof up grave graveolent grievous grime grisly groggy gross grubby gruesome gunky harmful harpoon hateful heavy heinous hideous high hit hit against hook horrible horrid


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