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1. (a.) Not happy or fortunate; unfortunate; unlucky; as, affairs have taken an unhappy turn.

2. (a.) In a degree miserable or wretched; not happy; sad; sorrowful; as, children render their parents unhappy by misconduct.

3. (a.) Marked by infelicity; evil; calamitous; as, an unhappy day.

4. (a.) Mischievous; wanton; wicked.

Sad against anguished anxious awkward bad badly off beefing bellyaching bitching black bleak blue bored bumbling cheerless clumsy complaining complaintful con crabbing crabby cranky crestfallen croaking cursed dejected depressant depressed despondent dire disagreeable disappointed disapprobatory disapproving disastrous disconsolate discontented disenchanted disgruntled disgusted disillusioned dismal dispirited dispiriting displeased displeasing dissatisfied dissenting distressed donsie doomful down downcast downhearted dreary envious evil-starred fatal faultfinding forlorn fortuneless funest futile gauche gloomy glum graceless grim griping grouchy grousing growling grumbling halting hapless heavy-handed heavyhearted humorless ill off ill-advised ill-chosen ill-considered ill-fated ill-omened ill-seasoned ill-starred ill-suited ill-timed impolitic improper in adverse circumstances in bad humor inadvisable inappropriate inapt inauspicious incongruous inconvenient indignant inept inexpedient infelicitous infestive inopportune intempestive intrusive irrelevant joyless lachrymose late long-faced low low-spirited luckless mal a propos maladroit malapropos malcontent malcontented melancholy mirthless miserable mistimed murmuring muttering nauseated nauseous off base ominous opposed opposing oppressive out of humor out of line out of luck out of phase out of place out of sorts out of time peevish petulant planet-struck pleasureless poor premature prey to malaise querulant querulous rebellious repelled resentful restive restless revolted rotten sad saddened short of luck sickened sorrowful sorry sorryish sour star-crossed suffering angst sulky tearful too late too soon turned-off unaccepting unaccommodating unappreciative unapproving unbefitting unblessed uncheerful uncheery uncomplimentary underprivileged undesirable uneasy unfavorable unfit unfitting unfortunate unfulfilled ungratified unhandy unjoyful unlucky unmeet unmirthful unpleasant unprofitable unpropitious unprosperous unprovidential unquiet unready unripe unsatisfied unseasonable unseemly unsmiling unsuitable unsuited untimely untoward unwise whiny wooden wretched wrong


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