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1. (a.) Not grateful; not thankful for favors; making no returns, or making ill return for kindness, attention, etc.; ungrateful.

2. (a.) Unpleasing; unacceptable; disagreeable; as, harsh sounds are ungrateful to the ear.

OK abhorrent abominable abomination ace-high ailing alarming amiss apocalyptic arrant atrocious atrocity bad for bad-smelling badly baleful bane baneful bang-up barfy base befoulment below par black blamable blameworthy blight blue bodeful boding bonzer boss brackish bully bum but good cankered careless carious castrated cloying contaminated cool corking corrupt corruption crackerjack crappy crestfallen criminal crippled critical critically ill crying evil damage damaging damnable dandy dangerous dangersome dark decayed decomposed defective deficient defilement dejected deleterious delicious depressed despaired of despoliation destruction detriment detrimental dire disabled disagreeable disconsolate diseased disgrace disgraceful disgusting disordered disorderly dispirited displeasing disruptive dissatisfactory distasteful distressing done for doomful down downhearted dreary ducky dying emasculated error evil evil-starred evilly execrable expiring explosive fab facing death faint faintish fateful fecal feeling awful feeling faint feeling something terrible festering fetid fine and dandy flagitious flagrant foreboding foul fraught with danger froward frowsty frowy frowzy fulsome funky fusty futile game gamy gangrened gangrenous gear given up gloomy going gone bad graceless graveolent great grievance groovy halt halting hamstrung handicapped harm harmful hateful havoc heavy heinous high hobbling hopeless hot hunky-dory hurt hurtful icky ill ill-advised ill-behaved ill-boding ill-considered ill-fated ill-omened ill-smelling ill-starred ill-suited ill-timed immoral impolitic improper in articulo mortis in danger in extremis inaccurate inadequate inadmissible inadvisable inappropriate inapt inauspicious incapable of life incapacitated incongruous indecorous indisposed inept inexpedient infamous infamy infected infection infelicitous inferior iniquitous iniquity injurious injury inopportune insalubrious insanitary insufferable intolerable invalid jam-up jeopardous just dandy keen knavery knavish laid low lame limping loathsome lousy low lowering maggoty maimed mal a propos malapropos malevolent malodorous marvy mawkish mean menacing mephitic miasmal miasmic mildewed mildewy misbehaving mischief mischievous miserable moldy monstrous morbid morbific moribund mortally ill mortified moth-eaten musty nasty naughty nauseant


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