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abandoned able above absolve accessible acquit adrift affranchise afloat afoot and lighthearted allowed amnesty approachable arbitrary artless as a gift as our guest at large at leisure at liberty at loose ends at will autarchic autarkic autonomous available bald bare bighearted bluff blunt bounteous bountiful break loose break out broad brusque candid cast off casual charitable cleanse cleanse away clear clear of cleared communicative complimentary conversable costless cut loose debauched decontaminate deliver delivered democratic demonstrative deobstruct deserted destigmatize detach detached diffuse direct disburden discharge disclose disclosed discretional discretionary disembarrass disembroil disencumber disengage disengaged disentangle disenthrall disinvolve disjoin dislodge dismiss dispense from dispense with disperse dissipated dissolute doff downright ease ease off easy easygoing effusive elective eleemosynary emancipate emancipated empty enfranchise enfranchised escaped except exculpate excuse exempt exempt from exonerate expansive expenseless explicit expose exposed extra extract extricate extricated extroverted fallow fast fled floating flown footloose footloose and fancy-free for free for love for nothing for the asking forgive forsaken forthright frank frankhearted free and easy free as air free for nothing free from free gratis free of free of charge free of cost free up free will free-born free-speaking free-spoken free-tongued freebie freeborn freed freehanded freehearted freely fugitive furlough gallant gay generous genuine get out giftlike give absolution give dispensation from give release give respite given giving gossipy gracious grant amnesty to grant immunity grant remission gratis gratuitous gratuitously greathearted handsome heart-to-heart honest hospitable idle in the clear independent individualistic informal ingenuous intermit jobless justify large largehearted lavish leisure leisured let go let loose let off let out let up liberal liberate liberated licentious loose loosely loosen lumpen magnanimous manifest manumit munificent naked natural newsy nonmandatory nonpros off off duty off work offered on one on parole on the house on the loose open open-handed openhanded openhearted openly optional out out of out of employ out of harness out of work outgoing outright outspoken pardon parole patefy permitted plain plain-spoken princely proffered profligate profuse purge purge away quash the charge quit quit of rakehell


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