1. (v. t.) To deprive of fairness or beauty.

2. (a.) Not fair; not honest; not impartial; disingenuous; using or involving trick or artifice; dishonest; unjust; unequal.

Fescennine Rabelaisian abject abominable abusive angry animal aphrodisiomaniacal arrant atrocious attaint bad barfy base base-minded bawdy bedaub bedraggled befoul befouled beggarly begrime bemire bemud besmear besmeared besmirch besmirched besmoke besoil bestain bitter black blacken blasphemous blotchy blowing blowy blue blur blustering blustery brand bum calumniatory calumnious carnal castellatus cheesy cirrose cirrous clitoromaniacal cloud-flecked clouded cloudy coarse comminatory concupiscent contaminated contemptible contumelious corrupt crappy creepy crummy cumuliform cumulous cursing cyclonic damnatory dark darken daub debased deceitful defile defiled degraded denunciatory depraved despicable dingy dirt dirty up dirty-minded discolor discompose disgusting dishonest dishonorable disloyal draggled draggletailed dungy dust dusty dysphemistic epithetic erotic eroticomaniacal erotomaniacal evil-minded evilhearted excommunicative excommunicatory execrable execratory filthy flagrant fleshly foul foul-mouthed foul-spoken foul-tongued fuliginous fulminatory fulsome furious gloomy goatish godawful goshawful grave grim grime grimy gross grubby grungy gynecomaniacal hairy heavy heinous horny hot hysteromaniacal icky ignoble ignominious immoral imprecatory impure indecent infamous ithyphallic lascivious lecherous lenticularis lewd libidinous licentious lickerish little low low-down low-minded low-thoughted lubricious lumpen lurid lustful maledictory malevolent malicious mammatus mangy mark mean measly messy mire miry miserable monstrous muck muck up mucky muddy murky nasty nebulous nefarious nimbose nubilous nymphomaniacal obnoxious obscene odious off color offensive oozy overcast overclouded paltry perfidious petty plashy poky pollute polluted poor pornographic priapic profane prurient punk putrid raging rainy randy rank raunchy raw reptilian resentful ribald risque rotten rough rude salacious satyric scabby scabrous scatologic scatological scorch scrubby scruffy scummy scurrile scurrilous scurvy sear sensual sexual sexy shabby shitty shoddy singe slabby slatternly slime slobby sloppy sloshy sloughy slovenly slubber sludgy slur slushy small


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