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(a.) Not terrestrial; supernatural; preternatural; hence, weird; appalling; terrific; as, an unearthly sight or sound.

Christlike Christly Elysian God-fearing Olympian a bit thick a bit thin abnormal absurd airy angelic arcane asomatous astral balmy beatific beatified beyond belief bizarre blessed blue bodiless cadaverous celestial corpselike crazy creepy curious deadly deathlike deathly deathly pale decarnate decarnated discarnate disembodied doubtable doubtful dubious dubitable eccentric eerie eldritch esoteric ethereal extramundane extraordinary extrasensory extraterrestrial fantastic fey freaked out freaky from on high funny ghastly ghostlike ghostly glorified godlike godly godly-minded good grisly gruesome haggard hard of belief hard to believe heavenly holy holy-minded hypernormal hyperphysical immaterial impalpable implausible imponderable in glory inconceivable incorporate incorporeal incredible insane insubstantial intangible kooky livid loony lurid macabre miraculous mortuary mysterious nonmaterial nonphysical not deserving belief numinous occult odd oddball off off the wall open to doubt open to suspicion otherworldly out outlandish outrageous pale paradisaic paradisal paradisiac paradisic passing belief passing strange peculiar phantom preposterous preterhuman preternatural preternormal pretersensual problematic psychic psychical pure pure in heart purehearted quaint queer questionable ridiculous righteous saintlike saintly seraphic shadowy silly singular spectral spiritual spiritual-minded spookish spooky staggering belief strange sublime superhuman superior supermundane supernal supernatural supernormal superphysical supersensible supersensory supersensual supramundane supranatural suspect suspicious tall thick thin transcendental transmundane unbelievable uncanny unconvincing unembodied unextended unfleshly ungodly unheard-of unhuman unimaginable unnatural unphysical unreal unreasonable unsubstantial unthinkable unusual unworldly unworthy of belief wacky wan weird wondrous strange


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