1. (a.) Not right; not deserved or legal; improper; as, undue attention\.

2. (a.) Not due; not yet owing; as, an undue debt, note, or bond.

3. (a.) Not agreeable to a rule or standard, or to duty; disproportioned; excessive; immoderate; inordinate; as, an undue attachment to forms; an undue rigor in the execution of law.

a bit much abandoned aberrant abnormal abominable atrocious boundless criminal cutthroat delinquent deviant disgraceful dizzy egregious enormous evil exacting exaggerated excessive exorbitant extortionate extravagant extreme fabulous fancy gigantic gluttonous gouging grossly overpriced hardly the thing high hyperbolic hypertrophied ignominious ill-timed illegal immoderate improper inappropriate inapt incontinent incorrect indecorous inept inequitable infamous inflationary iniquitous inordinate intemperate monstrous nonmeritorious not coming not done not outstanding not the thing off-base off-color out of bounds out of sight out-of-line outrageous overbig overdeveloped overgreat overgrown overlarge overmuch overpriced overweening preposterous prohibitive sacrilegious scandalous shameful shameless sinful skyrocketing spiraling steep stiff terrible too much towering unapt unbalanced unbridled unconscionable undeserved undeserving unearned unentitled unequal unequitable uneven unfit unfitting unjust unjustifiable unjustified unlawful unmeasurable unmeet unmerited unmeriting unowed unowing unreasonable unrestrained unrighteous unrightful unseasonable unseemly unsuitable untimely unwarrantable unwarranted unworthy usurious wicked wrong wrongful


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