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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Understand.

2. (a.) Knowing; intelligent; skillful; as, he is an understanding man.

3. (n.) The act of one who understands a thing, in any sense of the verb; knowledge; discernment; comprehension; interpretation; explanation.

4. (n.) An agreement of opinion or feeling; adjustment of differences; harmony; anything mutually understood or agreed upon; as, to come to an understanding with another.

5. (n.) The power to understand; the intellectual faculty; the intelligence; the rational powers collectively conceived an designated; the higher capacities of the intellect; the power to distinguish truth from falsehood, and to adapt means to ends.

6. (n.) Specifically, the discursive faculty; the faculty of knowing by the medium or use of general conceptions or relations. In this sense it is contrasted with, and distinguished from, the reason.

IQ Spartan Vernunft abatement of differences acceptation accepting acclamation accommodation accord accordance accordant acute adjustment affinity agape agreeable agreeing agreement agreement of all akin all-knowing alliance amicable amity apperception apperceptive appercipient apprehending apprehension apprehensive argute armed with patience armistice arrangement astute at one attuned aware awareness bargain binding agreement bleeding bond bonds of harmony brain brains bright brotherly love caliber capacity caritas cartel cement of friendship charitable charity chorus clairvoyance clement cogent cognizant collective agreement command commiserative commitment common assent common consent communion community community of interests compact compassionate compatibility compatible composition comprehending comprehension compromise conception conceptive conceptual conceptualization concert concession concord concordance concordant concordat concurrence condolent congenial congeniality conscious consensus consensus gentium consensus of opinion consensus omnium consent consentaneity consortium contract convention cop-out cordial understanding correspondence corresponding covenant covenant of salt deal deductive power desertion of principle dicker discerning discernment disciplined discourse of reason discrimination discursive discursive reason empathetic empathic empathy employment contract en rapport endurant engagement enlightenment entente entente cordiale esemplastic power esprit esprit de corps estimation evasion of responsibility farseeing farsighted feeling of identity fellow feeling fellowship fix on forbearant forbearing foreknowledge foreseeing foresighted forethoughted forethoughtful formal agreement frictionless frictionlessness general acclamation general agreement general consent general voice gentle give-and-take giving way good sense good vibes good vibrations grasp gray matter grip happy family harmonious harmony head headpiece human humane ideation ideational identity import in accord in concert in rapport in tune incisive indulgent inharmony insight insightful integrative power intellect intellection intellectual intellectual faculty intellectual grasp intellectual power intellectualism intellectuality intelligence intelligence quotient intelligent intendment interpretation intuition ironclad agreement judgement kinship knowing knowledge knowledgeable legal agreement legal contract lenient like-minded like-mindedness long-suffering longheaded longsighted love mastery meaning meeting of minds melting mens mental age mental capacity mental grasp mental ratio mentality merciful message mind mindful mother wit mutual agreement mutual concession mutual understanding mutuality native wit noetic not so dumb notion nous obligation of one mind omniscient one accord one voice oneness opinion pact paction patient patient as Job peace peaceful penetrating penetration perception perceptive percipience


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